Project Overview

The Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) is a comprehensive package of improvements to Scotland's railway infrastructure. A Scottish Government priority, the £650m EGIP is being delivered by Network Rail and includes modernisation and upgrades to key junctions and infrastructure as well as widespread electrification of the Scottish rail network, including the main line between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Edinburgh Waverley Station will benefit from increased capacity

Network Rail unveils plans to add new and longer platforms at Edinburgh Waverley station in anticipation of further growth in demand for rail travel.

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Key facts

  • £650m investment
  • 150 single track km of new electrified railway
  • Three completely redeveloped stations, Cumbernauld, Haymarket and Queen Street
  • One new station. Edinburgh Gateway
  • One new electric depot, Millerhill
  • Platform extensions at four stations,  Linlithgow, Polmont, Falkirk High and Croy

Key Programme Elements

  • Line electrification
  • Queen Street station redevelopment
  • Platform Lengthening - various locations
  • Edinburgh Waverley station improvements
  • Signalling improvements
  • Junction upgrades
  • Millerhill Depot
  • NEW Edinburgh Gateway station
  • Haymarket station redevelopment

Benefits for Scotland

The project will provide significant economic, social and environmental benefits for Scotland:

  • Faster, longer and more reliable trains, providing a railway capable of meeting passenger needs now and in the future
  • More sustainable, cleaner and quieter and more energy efficient trains contributing to a better environment
  • Rail is the lowest carbon mode of mass transport and is an essential part of a future low carbon economy
  • Benefits for the communities the route serves while also stimulating growth and unlocking investment opportunities.
  • Faster and more frequent rail links between our towns and cities mean more job opportunities for more people

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  • Mon 15th Sep, 2014 by @NetworkRailEGIP

    @graemeimrie We will communicate extensively with community in next few months when we have right level of detail to share about our plans.
  • Mon 15th Sep, 2014 by @NetworkRailEGIP

    @graemeimrie Not sure where you read to contrary but journey times & reliability improve and seat availability increases from longer trains
  • Fri 12th Sep, 2014 by @NetworkRailEGIP

    We thank local community for patience & cooperation & will engage fully in advance of longer closure later in year #Falkirk #Polmont #EGIP
  • Fri 12th Sep, 2014 by @NetworkRailEGIP

    Because of requirements of different types of investigation work & constraints of site, not possible to both simultaneously #EGIP #Polmont
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