Lenzie vegetaion clearance works update

As we do this, there can be a need to remove any new undergrowth that has grown back since we removed the substantial chunk of the lineside vegetation last year.  This is to ensure the electrified railway is free of any material which may present a risk to the operational safety of the infrastructure.

Given the work is at night and the equipment we use, including chainsaws and chipping machines to breakdown material, this activity will be noisy and disruptive at times. However, as this is new overgrowth, we should be able to undertake this work over a few nights before moving further along the track.

Work in the Woodilee / Lenzie area is from Saturday 18th to Thursday 23rd February 11pm to 5am, each night.  Though potentially noisy and disruptive, this work can only be undertaken at night to minimise the impact on train services and to reduce the safety risk for our staff and contractors.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email EGIPScotland@networkrail.co.uk, telephone our 24-Hour National Helpline follow us on twitter @NetworkRailEGIP or search #EGIP.            

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