Additional Engineering Works

To complement the line electrification and various elements of civils and track works, some discreet pieces of engineering are required to ensure a cohesive overall solution.

Low level changes to track and signalling are encompassed in the majority of the wider projects but at specific key points of the network, more extensive work is required to enable the overall signalling solution.

Additional power supply, and infrastructure to control and manage its delivery to local sections along the route is required to support the wider programme of electrification.

Enhancements include a loop at Cowlairs and depot works at Eastfield.

What this work looks like

  • The creation of a loop at Cowlairs will be on existing station land and will deliver operational capacity and flexibility
  • The depot at Eastfield will be enhanced to add more loops and sidings and increased stabling capacity. It will be electrified to facilitate the management of the new fleet of electric trains
  • New and enhanced track section cabinets (TSC) will be deployed at various points of the route to control the newly electrified E&G
  • New loops, sidings, signalling cabinets and electricity feeder stations will be strategically deployed

What it delivers

  • This work is about creating appropriate supporting infrastructure to support the newly electrified lines
  • As well as rationalising and modernising existing infrastructure It delivers operational flexibility
  • It adds capacity and develops operational contingency
  • Eastfield and Millerhill depots become key strategic locations for the efficient storage, management and deployment of new modern electric trains