Cumbernauld Station Redevelopment

To complement the line electrification and to ensure the various individual elements of work required to deliver a coherent, efficient passenger facility, we will undertake a full redevelopment of Cumbernauld station.


What this work looked like

  • Work upgraded the access to the station and between platforms in line with customer needs and the requirements of the new electric trains
  • Platforms were rebuilt and extended
  • A new station building was created to better serve the needs of passengers and improve the operational efficiency
  • All associated work undertaken in and around the station was to support the redeveloped facility and the operation of services
  • Work encompassed any required changes to track, signalling drainage etc stemming from the changes stopping points of the longer trains

New Cumbernauld Station building delivered as part of line electrification


Cumbernauld bridge



What it delivered

  • The redevelopment of the station improved the amenity for passengers including waiting facilities and shelters
  • Access between platforms was enhanced with modernised bridge and stairs
  • Improved ticketing options will afford more efficient travel access


Station redevelopment project team with Jamie Hepburn