Electrification Programme

This programme of work is the most significant electrification delivery phase to date of the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP).

Work to electrify more than 150 route kilometres between Cumbernauld and Newbridge Junction will integrate with already existing electrified lines and enable the introduction of electric multiple unit (EMU) services on the Edinburgh-Glasgow via Falkirk High Line(E&G).

It builds upon the programme of electrification delivered earlier this year between Springburn and Cumbernauld - which also encompassed infill electrification of the triangle where it meets the Motherwell to Cumbernauld line near Gartsherrie.

Initial piling work will be delivered between November 2014 and June 2016. It will be followed by a rolling programme of mast erection before wires will be run.

Other work to support the electrification; track, signalling, telcoms etc will be undertaken in tandem and as required. There will also be other elements of work both on and adjacent to the track to creat supporting infrastructure  to supply the electricity to power the lines.

The line will be energised for use in October 2017

What this work looks like

  • initial phases of the work include GI and SI investigations and vegetation clearance

Our work clearing vegetation by the railway helps to keep trains running safely and on time - particualrly ahead of electrification


  • piling to support the installation of masts and gantries to carry overhead wires
    • Piling work will take place at night and is significantly noisy and disruptive
    • Every reasonable effort is made to mitigate against noise from this work but it is heavy engineering and some disturbance is unavoidable
    • This work has to take place at night for safety reasons and to main train services on the busy E&G line during the day

Electrifying the Railway:

Piling and Overhead Line Equipment

  • Junction, signalling and telecoms work to be undertaken to further modernise the infrastructure in support of electrification
  • Delivery will encompass all appropriate civils, track, points, junction signalling and telecoms infrastructure required for this route

What it delivers

  • The project will deliver electrification of the E&G to enable faster, modern, cleaner and quieter trains
  • It is the next and most significant step to date in a rolling programme of electrification Scotland's railway infrastructure
  • It has been preceeded by significant investment to clear bridges on the route to ensure electrification witres can be run safely under structures
  • It will build upon already delivered phases of the programme; Haymarket Station redevelopment, Springburn-Cumbernauld electrification. 
  • It will complement other programmes of work which will be delivered both in tandem with and subsequent to the electrification programme: Queen Street redevelopment, construction of the new Edinburgh Gateway station @ Gogar, electrification to Polmont via Falkirk Grahamston, electrification to Stirling / Dunblane / Alloa