Kerse Road Stirling - Bridge Works

In order to clear for electrification, we need to height clear structures on the line so we can safely run overheadline wires below.  This includes at Kerse Road bridge in Stirling where we will demolish and reconstruct the bridge to meet the standards required for operating a safe electrified railway.

 Bridge Image

While work on Kerse Road is required now to enable the forthcoming electrification of the line, the new bridge has enabled Network Rail to work with Stirling Council to create the potential to enhance the local road network in line with the City’s transport strategy. It also avoids the need for the council to undertake significant maintenance on the bridge in the next few years with the new structure having a lifespan in excess of 100 years.


For further information on the work at Kerse road you can Download project leaflet by clicking here

What this work looks like

  • Work will start with two overnight road closures (Saturday into Sunday) to install temporary bridge that will enable pedestrian/cycle access throughout work
  • Preparatory works will be ongoing until single lane working with temporary traffic lights is introduced from 8 January to 16 April.  This is to enable the relocation of utilities off the main bridge

Kerse Road Temp bridge in situ

  • Kerse Road will close fully for 6 months from 16 April until the end of October 2018.  This is to enable the demolition & reconstruction of the bridge
  • Further traffic restrictions will be in place from October until Febraury 2019 to enable carriageway completion and removal of temporary structures


Traffic Management

We have worked with Stirling council to put in place an appropriate 'all vehicle' diversion route and a range of other traffic management measures to minimise the impact of the road closure on traffic flows.  This has been informed by a Traffic Impact Assessment which can be viewed at Stirling Council's web site.

 Kerse Road diversion map


Traffic will be monitored throughout the closure and if there are things we can do to improve flows, we will work with the council to put these measures in place.  We would encourage people where appropriate to seek alternative ways to travel within Stirling during the road closure

Alternative Transport


What it delivers

  • The bridge work is part of a wider programme of improvements on the Stirling line ahead of the elctrification of the route.
  • Electrification of central Scotland’s rail network will reduce journey times to Glasgow and Edinburgh, increase capacity on peak services and provide longer, greener trains.

  • The new structure will deliver a significant increase in the width of the carriageway offering the potential for the council to add a third lane in the future to meet Stirling’s growing traffic needs
  • It also avoids the need for the council to undertake significant maintenance on the bridge in the next few years with the new structure having a lifespan in excess of 100 years.   



Work Updates

Temporary footbridge installation

Kerse Rd bridge overnight works

Kerse Road closure bridge works 2

Work to install the temporary footbridge was delivered over two consecutive Saturday overnight road closures in November 2017

Kerse Road Temporary bridge 1

Kerse Road Temp bridge in situ

Temporary footbridge will maintain access for cyclists and pedestrains during the six month full closure of Kerse Road from April 2018