Millerhill Electric Train Depot

To support the continued sustainable growth of Scotland’s railway a new electric train depot is required for a new East of Scotland electric train fleet.  Network Rail’s existing Millerhill railway yard has been identified and selected for site development.

What this work looks like

  • The new electric trains will need to be stabled, cleaned, serviced and maintained daily
  • Existing train stabling and depot facilities are already operating at full capacity and cannot be easily expanded
  • Transport Scotland, First ScotRail and Network Rail examined a number of potential sites in Central Scotland for the proposed new facility and Millerhill was identified as the most suitable strategic site with easy rail access to Edinburgh Waverley station and is in any case already an operational railway facility

What it delivers

  • Not much different than it is now as maintenance and servicing of trains is already carried out at Millerhill
  • The boundary will be fenced with high security fencing
  • A train wash facility will clean the outside of the trains
  • As currently, the facility will be lit to allow staff to work safely at night
  • There will be a depot for train maintenance
  • Office accommodation and car parking for staff will be provided
  • Road access will be off Whitehill Road as currently
  • The mature woodland at the boundary will be retained