Edinburgh Waverley Platform Extensions

As part of our rail upgrade plan, and in order to facilitate the introduction of longer trains and to prepare for projected future growth in demand for both track and capacity, a series of infrastructure works will be required within and around Edinburgh Waverley.

We need to extend platforms at Edinburgh Waverley to accommodate longer trains being introduced on both the Edinburgh to Glasgow via Falkirk (E&G) route and the East Coast Main Line (ECML). 

There are two programmes underway to enable the introduction of these longer trains, the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) and the Intercity Express Programme (IEP)

EGIP is a comprehensive package of improvements to Scotland's railway infrastructure.  A Scottish Government priority, EGIP is being delivered by Network Rail and includes modernisation and upgrades to key junctions and infrastructure as well as widespread electrification of the Scottish rail network.

IEP is a Department for Transport led initiative to procure new trains to replace the existing rolling stock on the East Coast Mainline and Great Western Mainline.

The EGIP team will deliver both EGIP and IEP’s requirements for Waverley.

Timeline of Planned Works

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What this work looks like

  • A number of existing platforms will be extended (platforms 5, 6 and 12) creating new long length platforms

  • A crossover – a piece of track which enables trains to move from one track to another – will be created to improve flexibility to platforms 10/11

  • The extension of platform 12 will require the repositioning of the escalators on the South West corner of the concourse.

  • The demolition of the buildings on platform 11 to enable the extension of platform 12 and additionally serves to open up a separate area of concourse for pedestrian circulation

What will this deliver?

  • This project is about creating platforms of suitable length to facilitate the safe operation of longer trains, improving the capacity of the route as well as journey times
  • Extensions to platforms 5 & 6 are required to accommodate 10-car IEP services on East Coast routes (extended to 275m)
  • Extension to platform 12 is required to accommodate 8 car services on Edinburgh to Glasgow line via Falkirk High  (extended to 204m)

  • In addition to the platform extensions, we will undertake work on the tracks to increase flexibility on approaches to the station from the east

  • We are installing a crossover between platforms 10 and 11 which also improves operational flexibility at the station


April 2017 – preparation works commence ahead of excavation for platform 12

May 2017 – excavation for platform 12 extension begins

May/June 2017 – excavation for platforms 5/6 begins

December 2017 – completion of platform 12

July 2018 – completion of platforms 5/6

December 2018 – commissioning of platform 10/11 crossover



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For the latest information on the platform extensions at Edinburgh Waverley, please visit the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme website, follow us on Twitter, or contact us via post or email.

A copy of our information leaflet can also be found here.  

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t. 03457 11 41 41