Intermediate Station Work - Linlithgow

In order to facilitate the introduction of seven carriage, and subsequently eight carriage electric trains, we need to extend platforms at a number of intermediate stations on the line between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Platform extensions will be required at Falkirk High, Linlithgow, Polmont and Croy.

What this work looks like

  • The work will be delivered in a way which minimises disruption for station users
  • Both platforms will be extended at the west (Glasgow) side of the station. On Platform 1 (Ticket Office side) this will be by 19m and on Platform 2 by 61m. Platform 1 will also be extended by 18m on the East side
  • New enclosed waiting shelters will be created on both platforms
  • All works will include necessary changes to walls, entrances and exits etc to maximise platform widths and the safe operation of the station
  • Work will encompass any required changes to track, signalling drainage etc stemming from the changes stopping points of the longer trains

What it delivers

  • This project is about creating platforms of suitable length to facilitate the safe operation of 8 carriage trains