Stirling - Dunblane - Alloa Electrification

Network Rail is delivering the next phase of electrification of central Scotland's railway

we are working to deliver the Scottish Government's strategic investment to electrify central Scotland's railway which will encompass Grangemouth through Falkirk and Stirling to Dunblane and Alloa.  The process of electrifying the railway is essentially delivered in four phases

  1. Vegetation Clearance
  2. Piling 
  3. Mast erection
  4. Wire runs

Work started in November 2016 with electrified trains scheduled on routes between Stirling Dunblane Alloa and Edinburgh/Glasgow by December 2018.


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If you have any other issues in relation to this work please call the 24 hour
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What we are doing

There are four main  phases in the delivery of work:

As this work is on the operational railway we are planning to carry out the work at night when the trains are not running. We will do our best to keep noise to a minimum and those working on site are briefed on working responsibly in the local community. However some noise is unavoidable.

We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience this work may cause.

Phase 1 – we will clear the vegetation either side of the track by 6 metres or to the railway boundary, if this is less than 6 metres. This work will be noisy and will change the physical appearance of the railway.


Phase 2 – to install the masts we need to install piles into the ground along the line of route. Piles are placed approximately every 50-60 metres. It can take 2-4 hours depending on ground conditions. This work is very noisy and disruptive.


Phase 3 – we will install the metal stanchions on top of the piles along the line of route. These will be installed where the holes were piled. This work will be quieter than the piling.

First OHLE wires run on EGIP

Phase 4 – we will run the overhead wires along the line of route and commission the line.


Will this be disruptive for neighbours living nearby?

Yes. In terms of noise, there will be some disturbance as this is heavy
engineering work being done at night. Piling is noisy but will be for a limited
duration at each location before moving on.
We work with local councils who advise us on appropriate mitigation measures to reduce disruption and workers will observe best practice and carry out the work as efficiently as possible.
There will be an increase in construction traffic around the railway and at access points where vehicles are moving to work sites.


Electrifying the railway

Electrification of the railway from Grangemouth Junction through Falkirk
Grahamston and Stirling to Alloa and Dunblane is a Scottish Government investment in the railway infrastructure which is being delivered by Network Rail. It involves the electrification of 100 single track kilometres and is the next phase of delivering the future electrification of Scotland’s Railway.

SDA Route Graphic


Electrification will deliver:
• A reduction in journey time between Stirling and Edinburgh / Glasgow

• Increased capacity on morning and evening peak services to Glasgow
and Edinburgh

• Faster, longer, greener modern electric trains

Download the Stirling Dunblane Alloa Electrification Leaflet 




Additional work

Bridge work

As part of the electrification process, for safety reasons we must increase the height of parapet (side) walls of the bridges that run over the electrified railway.

This means that we will be increasing the height of the side walls to 1.8 metres. This work will be carried out at night and is usually done under single lane closures, although traffic management may vary.

We also need to replace the bridge deck and abutments at Kerse Road, Stirling and part of the bridge deck at Perth Road, Dunblane. We are currently working on plans to maintain two way traffic on Perth Road for the majority of the project , however Kerse Road will likely close fully to traffic for the duration.

Bridge Image

We hope to start work as quickly as possible at both Kerse Road and at Perth Road but is subject to consents.

When the programme has been fully developed we will communicate this
information widely across communities and give local people the chance to ask the project team questions.


Throughout these works we will keep people informed.

How will people find out more about when the work will be taking place?

The project website ( will carry the latest news and information about the work programme.

We are also on Twitter @NetworkRailEGIP.

Every household within 500m of the railway will be notified about the work by letter in advance of work starting.

We will work with local councils, community councils, stakeholder groups, passenger groups and industry partners throughout the delivery of the
work to ensure that information about the project is shared widely.

We will continue to be visible and available across the areas where we
are working and are happy to answer questions throughout the work.