Intermediate Station Work - Croy

In order to facilitate the introduction of seven carriage, and subsequently eight carriage electric trains, we need to extend platforms at a number of intermediate stations on the line between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Croy is one of six stations, including Queen Street and Waverley, along the line of route to benefit from platform extensions representing a £0.5m investment in the local infrastructure – with the overall platform extension programme totalling £3.6m.

The primary focus for Network Rail is to keep disruption to a minimum and deliver work safely and on schedule. And although Network Rail will need use 15 parking spaces for its site compound to support the work, it is expected that passengers will not see any other impact on the station from the work.

The platform extension works at Croy is the first in a series of works at intermediate stations (Linlithgow, Polmont and Falkirk High) as well as both the terminus stations of the E&G, to lengthen platforms to accommodate the 7 and 8 carriage electric trains that will be introduced.

The station will remain open throughout the works and train services will operate as normal with minimal inconvenience for passengers using Croy.

What this work looks like

  • The work will be delivered in a way which minimises disruption for station users
  • Both platforms will be extended at the South West (Glasgow) side of the station by 48m
  • New enclosed waiting shelters will be created on both platforms
  • All works will include necessary changes to walls, entrances and exits etc to maximise platform widths and the safe operation of the station
  • Work will encompass any required changes to track, signalling drainage etc stemming from the changes stopping points of the longer trains

What it delivers

  • This project is about creating platforms of suitable length to facilitate the safe operation of 8 carriage trains