Glasgow Queen Street - Operational re-modelling and Platform Extensions

In order to facilitate the introduction of seven carriage, and subsequently eight carriage electric trains, we need to extend platforms and re-model the track layout at the north side of Queen Street station.

Work will begin in late 2014 and will be ongoing for approximately five years. Station users will see the work happening but inconvenience during the improvements will be kept to a minimum and normal day to day services will be virtually unaffected. 

There will be work on all platforms but the most significant changes will be on 2, 3, 4 and 5 as they will be extended back into the station concourse towards West George Street.

This project will deliver the efficiency, flexibility and capacity at Queen Street to cater for the growing demand for services to the North and East.


What this work looks like

  • Initial phases of the work will focus on site clearance around the mouth of the tunnel and rationalisation of cabling
  • Platform works will be undertaken in a phased approach where platforms will be taken out of use either partially or fully as they are re-built, extended or re-aligned
  • Electrification infrastructure for use within the station will be installed
  • There will be times when we have no choice but to close the station for an extended period (usually 29 or 54 hours) to carry out work efficiently, but primarily safely. This would happen over specific weekends and public holidays to minimise inconvenience for the travelling public.

What it delivers

  • This work will deliver additional operational capacity and flexibility for the station
  • This work is complementary to other phases of delivery which will expand the concourse and address aesthetics and passenger facilities at the station
  • Constricted space within and around the station means that early in the delivery of work (October 2014), it will be necessary to close the taxi rank and the entrance from North Hanover Street